As a documentary life photographer, my aim is to authentically capture life as it happens. So feel the freedom to just be yourselves! I strive to refine my art of photography to show how; when light, framing my shot, and waiting on the moments are woven together a memory in time is now captured that can be held in one’s hands, as well as ones heart for a lifetime to come. Your family is a living entity, and I want to tell your story! Capturing it's honest, earnest, everyday brilliance.

Step backward a year with me. What did your morning routine look like? What could you expect from your kiddos as they woke up and greeted the day? When did they find the time in the last year to gain those inches and lose those baby-cheeks? What was the story of your family; and what plot twists, tears, and belly laughs have brought you to today?

That’s what I do. I capture real moments as they happen; and tell your true story. Maybe your photo props will be moving boxes and scattered toys, instead of pillars and ivy. Maybe no one will be looking at the camera. But you can trust me to respect the sacred disorder, honesty, and sweetness of your family, and to capture it in stunning images. Your everyday brilliance!



There is a photograph of me when I was 2 or 3 years old, sitting on the kitchen counter with all the drawers open to form a makeshift toddler staircase; and what was 2 year old me doing up there? I had one arm in a Sam’s Club-size jar of mayonnaise and my face all a mess!

That is a treasured piece of my childhood. Every time we come across it as a family my mom talks about how I was always doing things like that, how I was so curious and loved exploring. The images I create for my clients are the ones that family and friends will gather around years from now , and “remember when” together. I hope to give my clients conversations rather than just pretty pictures. 

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Wasn't expecting that, were you? What can I say, I'm full of surprises! Like did you know that I was once on a ski team, or that I saved my Yia-Yia from a burning building? You know you want to hear the story...   

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