Photo Cred: Leah Grace Photography.

Photo Cred: Leah Grace Photography.


...but really everyone calls me Alex!

I am truly fascinated with the idea that memories can be held in one's hands as well as one's heart. Our days are filled with moments that make up our lives and our story. I want to help show you whats already there-Your beautiful life in all of it's honest and earnest brilliance!

Jesus has completely undone my life with His love and grace. oh, but really! I can't imagine where my life would be without His unrelenting-redeeming love in my life that teaches me how to love other more honestly.

I grew up in the Redwood Frosts of Southern California and now call the spacious Deserts of Southwest New Mexico HOME.

I am the perfect blind of Greek and Mexican, I start WAY too many projects at once, apparently can't jump, and am especially captivated by the beauty around me like; the Organ Mountains, stunning sunsets, and starry nights.

I feel incredibly honored to be invited to be apart of the family (even if it's just for a day) to tell the profound stories of life well lived.  My soul truly overflows with JOY at the end of the day with one of my beautiful families.

a few of my favorite things:

My own baklava | Old people | Babies | Dion's ranch on everything | Jewelry | Tom Hanks movies | Lime Cokes | Antique stores | Gold eyeshadow | Small dogs


I didn't always have a camera growing up, but when I got my hands on one I remember getting in trouble for eating through an entire roll of my mother's film, literally. I chewed that thing up like a piece of fruit leather! It wasn't until many years later that I was allowed to get my hands on another camera.

India Real 1988 preset.jpg

Shortly after graduating from college I moved to India to teach English. My time living abroad is where I truly began to identify and shape my passion and purpose for photography-documenting life, and those who live it. I saw a story on everyone’s face; now, my faith compels me to believe this even further-to the degree that we are all a part of one greater story being told of hope, love, and redemption. I love to document the remarkable, everyday stories of life well lived!

Keep exploring, and I hope you make your way to the connect page because I'd really love to meet ya! ;)